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tv   Today  NBC  July 17, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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exit for a few minutes but hopefully if you're leaving the house now in the next couple of minutes it will be okay by the time you get there. >> we'll have a local news cut-in at 7:25 to help you along. >> see you at 11:00. good morning the heat is on brutal temperatures across the nation as the dangerous summer heat wave intensifies. jaw-dropping temps on the maps in dozens of states. 230 million people from the southwest to the northeast in the hot zone relief is nowhere in sight breaking overnight, chaos on capitol hill after a ruckus debate, a rare move by the house, voting to condemn president trump over his
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attack on four democratic congresswomen. >> i know racism when i see it >> overnight, it's the president claiming victory a live report from the white house straight ahead supreme court maverick tributes pour in after the death of retired justice john paul stevens. his remarkable journey to the nation's highest court. nbc news exclusive the newly uncovered video that shows donald trump partying with jeffrey epstein at mar-a-lago in the early '90s shore surprise dramatic video of a pilot's emergency landing, splashing down near a crowded beach. and emmy snubs and shockers. from "game of throne's" record-breaking haul to the a-listers left out, the nominations that are the talk of hollywood today, wednesday, july 17th, 2019 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> hi, everybody morning. nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. we know it is july we know it is hot. this is not your average heat
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wave. >> it is not in fact, that is our top story on this wednesday morning -- the dangerous heat wave that's going to bake two-thirds of the country throughout the weekend >> we're talking about the hottest temperatures of the year in chicago, kansas city, new york, and washington, all under the gun. dylan will have the details, including how long this is going to last. that's a big part of the story in a moment. first, let's get to blayne alexander. she's in a sweltering st. louis. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we can already feel that humidity here in the air the people here in st. louis will be right in the middle of that heat wave consider this, on a normal july day, the temperature usually peaks around 89 degrees. almost ten degrees hotter and it's going to feel even warmer than that. this morning, from parts of the midwest. >> feels you can't breathe. >> reporter: to fire stations in the northeast. >> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
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>> reporter: and everywhere in between, millions of people are bracing for searing summer heat. >> it's going to come. now, it is smacking us in the face a little bit. >> reporter: dozens of cities, including detroit, chicago, and washington, d.c., all expected to reach their hottest temperatures of the year sometime this week in fact, by saturday, nearly 229 million people across 40 states will feel the summer swelter, with heat indexes hotter than 100 degrees. enough to go from discomfort to downright dangerous. how extreme are these temperatures for this time of the summer >> not just the one day, but it is the cumulative effect we see. if it were hot one day, that's one thing. the day after day after day, that's when we see the danger in folks, the cumulative effect. >> reporter: that's why volunteers with cool down st. louis are on a life-saving mission. >> ms. mays. >> reporter: installing nearly 1,000 a/c units across missouri
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and illinois this summer how hot does it get in here? >> you know, it feels like it is already 100 degrees. >> reporter: with heat like this, the best tip is to stay out of it. experts say if you do have to be outside, limit your physical activity, and drink plenty of water. don't just wait until you're thirsty. by then, you could already be dehydrated guys, right now, missouri is one of at least 11 states that are under an excessive heat warning today through saturday that number is only expected to grow craig and savannah >> blayne alexander starting us off in st. louis. >> good tips there. let's focus on how hot it is going to get and how long the heat is going to last. dylan is in for al this morning. what's the word? >> good morning. it is going to be very hot and last for a long time look at the heat advisories, watches, warnings, through the middle of the country and along the i-95 corridor, from new jersey right down into south carolina looking at the numbers today, again, we have to factor in the
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humidity, but the actual air temperature on the thermometer, it'll read 101 today in wichita, but it'll feel like 108. kansas city, 99, feels like 106. st. louis will feel like 104 today. on thursday, it continues to push to the east temperatures will be well up into the 90s it'll feel like the triple digits going into friday, too, we are looking for the heat to continue to expand. washington, d.c. will feel like 104 on friday. 106 in raleigh 108 in cincinnati. even detroit will feel like 109 degrees. as we go into saturday, there is the chance that the actual air temperature could get up to 100 degrees, which in new york city, that's the first time that's happened since 2012. when you factor in the humidity, it could feel like 110 on saturday 105 on sunday. same story for philadelphia. washington, d.c. down to richmond, even up into boston.
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it could feel like 106 degrees on saturday. we are looking at potential high temperatures in all these areas, all through new jersey, all up across new england and down through parts of ohio and into virginia, as well. it is going to be record-breaking heat and brutally uncomfortable savannah >> a big story for the next few days dylan, thank you. another big story we're following overnight, the president formally condemned by congress overnight for his tweets targeting four democratic congresswomen of color the vote in the house came at the end of a chaotic and unprecedented session on capitol hill nbc's white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest on all of it peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. this was an extraordinary moment every democrat and a handful of republicans voting to condemn the president, casting his words as racist. a vote pitting the democratic caucus against republican lawmakers, most of them white men. the president who first called this vote a democratic con game overnight praised his party for standing behind him. house democrats denouncing
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president trump. >> without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> reporter: passing a resolution, joined by four republicans and an independent, condemning the president's tweets, attacking those democratic congresswomen of color with a racist trope. arguing they should go back to the crime-infested places from which they came. democrat john lewis invoking his experience in the struggle for civil rights. >> i know racism when i see it i know racism when i feel it and at the highest level of government, there's no room for racism >> reporter: president trump insisting his tweets were not racist writing, i don't have a racist bone in my body. one of the lawmakers he targeted, alexander ocasio-cortez, firing back you're right, mr. president. you don't have a racist bone in your body. you have a racist mind in your head and a racist heart in your chest. the president for a third straight day amplifying his attack on those progressive congresswomen, known as the squad, questioning their patriotism.
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>> go wherever they want or they can stay, but they should love our country. shouldn't hate our country look at what they have said. i have clips right here. the most vile, horribl statements about our country, about israel, about others >> reporter: the president's top aide, kellyanne conway, also making headlines for this exchange with reporter andrew feinberg outside the white house. >> if the president was not telling these congresswomen to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring >> what's your ethnicity >> why is that relevant? >> because i'm asking you a question my ancestors are from ireland and italy. >> my ethnicity is not relevant. >> it is you're asking about -- he said originally he said originally from. >> reporter: conway tweeting later in the day, this was meant with no disrespect we're all from somewhere else originally i asked the question to answer
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the question and volunteered my own ethnicity. it comes the same day conway's husband, george conway, released a scathing op-ed in the "washington post" titled "trump is a racist president. top republican mitch mcconnell fended off his own questions about the president's comments and his spouse, transportation secretary elaine chao. >> if someone were to say she should go back to her own country because of her criticism of federal policy, wouldn't you consider that a racist attack? >> well, the secretary of transportation came here at age 8 legally, not speaking a word of english, and realized the american dream >> reporter: peter, the thing that's interesting about this, doesn't seem like anybody is looking to get this story out of the headlines, in particular the president. he is tweeting and talking about it, as well. >> reporter: you're exactly right. what is striking here is that for years republicans have tried to cast nancy pelosi as the villain. ahead of the 2020 campaign, before the president knows who he will face next year, he's now trying to define the democratic
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party by these four progressive congresswomen, effectively trying to tie pelosi to them it is an us versus them strategy that as allies say will help energize his base. that is their belief they know he faces another narrow path to victory tonight, the president heads to north carolina for another campaign rally don't be surprised if you see the topic come up again. >> peter alexander at the white house for us, thanks, peter. overnight, we learned of the death of supreme court maverick john paul stevens. the 99-year-old was the second oldest justice ever, and he helped shape the high court for more than three decades. pete williams has a look back at his storied career for us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. john paul stevens was the third longest serving supreme court justice in history friends and court officials say he suffered a stroke monday and died tuesday at a ft. lauderdale, florida, hospital, with his daughters by his side he was appointed by a republican president, but by the time he
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retired, he was leading the court's liberal wing >> reporter: president gerald ford's only supreme court nominee, john paul stevens, arrived as a moderate conservative >> i thank the president for his expression of confidence in me >> reporter: he quickly headed in his own direction, becoming an independent-minded justice and the court's most prolific discenter. dissenter. he said his legal views never changed and said the court shifted around him. >> i really don't think i have changed, and i still consider myself quite conservative. >> reporter: at first spectacle of affirmative action in government contracting, he eventually supported it in college admissions he voted to give prisoners greater rights, have a high wall between church and state, and support the right to choose an abortion sometimes he voted with the conservatives. a decorated world war ii navy code breaker he dissented when there were laws that would allow flag burning
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he led a unanimous court where a president could be in a case while in office. he underwent heart surgery and treatment for prostate cancer but had a vigorous life off the bench. he had four children and nine grandchildren and divided his time between washington and a home in florida. communicating with his law clerks electronically. he remained fiercely loyal to his native chicago, even throwing out the first pitch at a cubs game as an 85-year-old right-hander at age 90, stevens retired in june of 2010 after 34 1/2 years on the court >> chief justice roberts said his former colleague brought kindness, humility, wisdom, and independence to the bench and left us a better nation. the arrangements for the stevens funeral are not yet final. savannah, craig? >> what a life pete williams, thanks. now, we move to the political turmoil in puerto rico protests calling for the governor's resignation have turned violent
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it led to a major cruise line cancelling one of the ship's scheduled stops in the island's capital city gabe gutierrez joins us with more details on this good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the escalating political crisis in puerto rico is now hurting the island's critical tourism industry another one of royal caribbean's cruise ships, with more than 1,800 passengers on board, decided to reroute at the last minute due to safety concerns. this morning, there are growing calls for puerto rico's governor to resign. after protests in miami, d.c., and new york a demonstration in san juan monday drew thousands. it ended with police in riot gear firing tear gas to break up the crowd. royal caribbean now cancelling one of the empress of the sea's stops in puerto rico and rerouting to the british virgin island, in light of the current unrest in san juan we spoke with one disappointed
7:14 am
passenger. >> it was right there. we were coming so close. i was just taking pictures saying, hey, we're about to dock then we get further away >> reporter: the governor has been under fire since nearly 900 pages of a private group chat were leaked and published this weekend by the center for investigative journalism in puerto rico. nbc news has not independently verified the chat. the messages between the governor and several aides include vulgar jokes about female politicians, journalists, and a blind cabinet secretary. they also include an anti-gay slur, directed at pop star ricky martin he and other celebrities of puerto rican descent like bad bunny and lin-manuel miranda are urging him to step down. >> i'm not proud of what i did. >> reporter: he insists he won't resign. >> i need to move forward and continue on the work we're doing for puerto rico. >> reporter: rossello has faced
7:15 am
criticism after the hurricane in 2017, which killed an estimated 3,000 people political pressure has intensified after authorities arrested several local officials last week, including two of the governor's top aides, accusing them of corruption involving millions of dollars in federal contracts. royal caribbean's empress of the seas is expected to return t south florida on sunday. meanwhile, another protest is scheduled in puerto rico later today. craig and savannah >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. a man who lost his entire family in one of the fatal crashes involving the now grounded 737 max planes plans to tell congress today the entire fleet should be scrapped he also plans to say boeing executives should face criminal charges for failing to ground the plane sooner nbc's tom costello remains on this story for us. tom, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. so the max has remained grounded through this busy record-setting
7:16 am
summer travel season and, now, due to safety concerns, this could continue all the way through thanksgiving and even christmas. four months into the worldwide grounding of the boeing 737 max, this morning, it is looking increasingly possible that the plane won't fly again this year. already, american and united airlines have taken it out of service until november at the earliest southwest airlines expected to follow suit. two 737 max crashes overseas blamed on faulty anti-stall software left 346 people dead. boeing says it expects to have its software fixes for the plane ready in september the faa, under intense scrutiny, is not expected to fast track approval now, a canadian man who lost his entire family when the second plane crashed in ethiopia, will
7:17 am
tell congress today, the max should never fly again. >> for the sake of human life, safety, the max should be scrapped now, i don't believe boeing would do that. >> reporter: paul lost his wife, carol, three children, ryan, kelly, and ruby, and his mother-in-law, ann >> they were beautiful >> reporter: every day, he says, is a struggle. >> they took my life away. without my family, i don't have a life my family died because of the greed, the arrogance, the hubris, the management dysfunction, the lack of internal oversight within boeing and the faa. >> reporter: this morning, boeing tells nbc news, we truly regret the loss of lives in both of these accidents, and we are deeply sorry for the impact to the families and loved ones of those on board meanwhile, american airline's own flight attendants also have concerns about the max
7:18 am
>> for us to be able to step back on that aircraft, we need to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is safe to fly. we're taking our own lives and our passengers' lives in our own hands. >> reporter: congress will hold another hearing today. meanwhile, we have multiple investigations still looking into the causes of those crashes, exactly what the faa's role was in certifying the plane, should that change, and how should pilots be retrained before the max flies again guys, back to you. >> tom costello for us at reagan national, thank you. we move now to this stifling heat, the rest of the forecast i can't believe some of the numbers on that map. >> i know. we haven't felt them for a long time, so it'll be that much more of a shock to the system we also have the chance of severe storms today, as well combine the heat, the humidity, with the frontal system, across the upper midwest, the storms will fire up later today the northeast, we could see strong storms with large hail, damaging winds and the torrential downpours these will occur late this afternoon and into evening
7:19 am
elsewhere, it is the extreme heat across the country. that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san francisco, looking a little hazy right now. the clouds and the fog drifting by, and just off the bay. as we look at our high temperatures for this afternoon, we're headed up to 66 degrees in san francisco. 73 in oakland, and 92 in antioch today. so we'll still be heating up for the inland areas and a wide
7:20 am
range in temperatures with some upper 80s in the valleys today, slightly cooler tomorrow, and friday, but then heating up again for the weekend. >> that's your >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you so much. just ahead, the newly surfaced video of jeffrey epstein partying with donald trump decades ago. as one of epstein's accusers makes an emotional new plea. then surprises, snubs, and a record haul for "game of thrones. we're going to break down this year's emmy nominations. first, this is "
7:21 am
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just ahead, check this out, the story behind this dramatic emergency landing in the atlantic ocean, just feet from startled beach goers. then the viral sensation sweeping the nation. the app that shows you what you will look like as you age. yes, i guess we'll all have to give it a try. >> of course we are. >> or i can just look in the mirror. >> no. >> first your local news and weather. for people 50 and older at average risk.
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yup! using the app. i've been quite vigilant. ahh! easy, easy! but you're in labour... don't mess with my discount! (clearing throat) get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save. a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. lanes of eastbound 580 in richmond shut down after a woman is struck and killed on the freeway. it happened about 5:40 this morning. it is video of the backup our sky ranger got. eastbound traffic is being diverted at cutting boulevard. no word on when the freeway will be back open. mike is tracking the backup for us. >> that's right, laura. there is the closure. the arrow pointing you off of the bridge from san rafael and headed toward the east shore freeway, that's counter commute. it is slow as you approach and you're allowed back on the next exit. westbound is the commute more heavily traveled and the slowing toward the toll plaza.
7:27 am
so the only unexpected slowing is coming off the bridge and of course we'll follow that. meanwhile looking toward the bay bridge, that crash clearing at fremont has cleared from the exit of fremont and reopened as the exit off of the bay bridge. the rest of the bay moves well. the crash on whipple cleared to the shoulder, no major injuries to the motorcycle driver. kari, back to you. >> we have clear but hazy conditions as we get a live look in dublin this morning. as you get ready to head out the door it will heat up in the tri-valley, reaching into the mid 80s and n livermore. in antioch, expect a high of 92. 91 in ukiah, and in san francisco some mid-60s there while san jose tops out at 83 degrees. we keep this weather in the forecast with a wide range in temperatures, from the inland areas to mid to upper 80s, and even going into next week. san francisco reaching into the mid-60s, at times some clouds drifting by the city. we'll be back with another
7:28 am
local news update in half an hour. join us at for the latest news as well. have a good morning.
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we're back, 7:30 on a wednesday morning, july 17th, 2019 82 degrees, not bad, because it is 7:30 in the morning a little early, and that temperature is only going up a lot of the country dealing with a sweltering heat wave. when you look at the heat index numbers, you can't believe what you're seeing. we'll get the latest forecast from dylan ahead. >> dangerous temps. first, a check of the headlines on this wednesday morning. house democrats passed a resolution tuesday night condemning president trump for what they called racist comments aimed at four democratic congresswomen of color four republicans joined democrats in the vote. that was largely along party lines. sunday, the president tweeted that the four congresswomen
7:31 am
should, quote, go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. president trump insisted the tweets weren't racist tweeting yesterday, i don't have a racist bone in my body. a police officers won't have charges for the choke hold death of eric garner who was heard saying, "i can't breathe." william barr made the final decision not to charge the officer, choosing to follow the recommendations of new york prosecutors, but going against the doj's civil rights division. the decision was announced one day before the five-year anniversary of the deadly encounter, just as the statute of limitations was set to expire. now, frightening moments for unsuspecting beach goers in maryland a small plane forced to make an emergency landing feet offshore. take a look here you can see the plane skidding
7:32 am
across the shallow water and coming to a stop it was in ocean city, maryland the 23-year-old pilot said he had engine trouble fortunately, and perhaps miraculously, no one was hurt in the accident. also this morning, video dating back more than 25 years is giving us a look at the relationship that once against between president trump and accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. it is coming to light as epstein's lawyers are offering an explanation for an item found by police in his manhattan home that raised a lot of eyebrows. stephanie gosk joins us with more good morning. >> good morning. president trump said he knew jeffrey epstein, he was part of the west palm beach set, in one interview calling him a terrific guy. more recently, trump said they had a falling out. this is video from 1992, both of them together at a party >> reporter: an invitation into donald trump's world footage from 1992 found in the
7:33 am
nbc archives shows the future president welcoming jeffrey epstein to his mar-a-lago estate the get together more than a decade before epstein pleade guilty to prosecution charged in florida. both men are seen enjoying themselves trump pointing out women dancing in front of them apparently, a friendly encounter with the man the president is looking to distance himself from. >> i knew him like everybody in palm beach knew him. i've had a falling out with him. haven't spoke to him in 15 years, i wasn't a fan. >> reporter: epstein who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges is waiting to be released from jail as he waits for his trial. his lawyers now offering an explanation for the most mysterious item uncovered in a search of epstein's manhattan mansion. an expired foreign passport revealed by prosecutors as they tried to convince a judge that epstein is a serious flight risk the passport appearing to show
7:34 am
epstein's photo but under a different name his residence listed as saudi arabia his attorneys describing him as an affluent member of the jewish faith, saying he acquired the document from austria in the 1980s for personal protection while traveling in the middle east adding, it was only to be presented to potential kidnappers, hijackers, or terrorists, should violent episodes occur it comes as another accuser is calling others to tell their story. >> if you have already made th decision to come forward, thank you. if you have not, the time is now. >> reporter: courtney wild told authorities epstein abused her more than a decade ago, and she was kept in the dark with the secret deal he cut with federal prosecutors in florida in 2007 >> my voice was muted by the same government that was supposed to protect me. >> reporter: law enforcement officials across the country now working together, as more women speak up, saying they, too, were victimized by epstein. >> the white house and epstein have not commented on the video.
7:35 am
the next big court date for epstein is tomorrow morning. it'll be the bail hearing. >> i guess the question is, if he is granted bail, his finances come very much into issue. the judge will look at that, in determining how much the bail should be. >> there is mystery surrounding his finances federal prosecutors say he is worth more than $500 million that they know of. just yesterday, his defense team put in a filing that said they couldn't meet their deadline to give the judge a full accounting of his finances. it is so complex, that they needed more time what they have said is that epstein's brother is willing to back a $100 million bond >> a lot of questions about how epstein made his money. >> yeah, certainly are >> a lot of questions. all right. thank you, steph. >> thank you, stephanie. let us turn to the weather now. 7:35 on this wednesday morning dylan is in for al how is the forecast? what are we looking at >> we are going to see some rain, and it is the remnants of barry. you can see some of the heavier pockets of rain moving through southeastern indiana, through ohio, through new york and
7:36 am
pennsylvania we do have flash flood watches in effect for the tristate area. as the cold front moves eastward, we'll see the chance of severe storms scattered across the upper midwest and also centered around new york, scranton, hartford, boston, as well, just north of philadelphia in this area, we could see torrential downpours, dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning, and also small hail and damaging wind gusts possible, as well because the rain is initiating from the remnants of barry, there's a lot of moisture in the downpours. we could see rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour locally, we could see 2 to 4 inch of rain we have the threat of flooding as the storms move in later today. again, also a chance of severe storms through the upper midwest. it is dry for the most good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. in san jose, starting out with sunshine, a nice cool temperature as you get ready to head out the door. we'll see the high temperature reaching up to 83 degrees. some upper 80s for concord and
7:37 am
even a few low 90s in parts of the east bay, and far to the north in ukiah. santa rosa today up to 88 degrees, with san francisco reaching 66. throughout the forecast we see some slight cooling for tomorrow and friday, with some breezy winds, and back up into the upper 80s and that continues through early next week with san francisco staying in the 60s. coming up, we are going to introduce you to a young man who is using an eye-opening, new approach with kids to deal with gun violence in their community. also ahead, teen dieting dangers. the new findings on weight loss in america that has the attention of parents and doctors this morning also ahead on pop start, the major music star in talks to play the prince of a live action remake of a beloved disney classic "the little mermaid. now hollywood is reacting this morning to the emmy nominations, including a notable snub for one of the biggest stars in the industry, right after this is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful.
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we are back. in-depth today we welcome carson in emmy nominee carson. >> emmy winner. >> emmy winner and now new, once again, nominee we'll get to that in a moment. >> some surprises, some snubs for the shows. actors left off that list. nbc's gadi schwartz joins us with the highlights this morning. good to see you, buddy >> hey, guys good morning a lot of competition this year, especially among the male acting categories, where it is really anybody's game when it comes to television's leading actresses in some of the most epic characters on tv, you probably don't want to bet against the mother of dragons or the first female president of the united states. >> reporter: this morning, the battlefield has been set for the 71st prime time emmys with a looming question, will "game of thrones" reign supreme with a record-breaking 32 nominations the highest for a single show ever in one year >> not easy to see something that's never been before
7:43 am
>> reporter: up for best drama and outstanding leads for kit harington's jon snow and emilia clarke's daenerys targaryen. >> i know what he's going to do. >> reporter: any victory adding to the 47 trophies already on the iron throne. the show facing heat from fans over the final season and competition from shows like "this is us," "better call saug saul," and "succession." >> we're not listening, as usual. >> reporter: in comedy, hitman turned wanna be actor, up against the "marvelous mrs. maisel." >> you are phenomenal. you are amazing. >> reporter: along with "the good place," "fleabag," and "russian doll," hoping to win more votes than the final season of "veep." >> enough! >> reporter: a win for julia louis-dreyfus as lead actress in a comedy series would make her the most awarded performer ever. >> there's nothing anyone can do
7:44 am
to stop me >> reporter: hbo's "chernobyl" also radiating nominations in 19 categories the limited series competing against "escape at dannemora," "sharp objects," and "when they see us." adding to the drama, some heavy hitting snubs in the acting categories including silver screen legends jim carrey and julia roberts, who posted this with nods to fellow shutouts, george clooney and emma stone, writing, i'm in exceptional company at least. >> you know i'm a "game of thrones" fan, but the emmy category i'm most excited for, the moment we've all been waiting to see, when the camera pans over to our man, carson daly, and hopefully brings home some more gold for the "voice. >> thanks, buddy. >> your cabinet is getting crowded with four emmys.
7:45 am
>> embarrassment of riches >> where do you keep them? >> my man cave >> nice. >> as you should. >> yeah. it's a lot of fun. we're very, very happy about that i think the take away, beside "the voice" is the amount of quality of content that's on television >> golden age of tv. >> it is like march madness. every time in march i discover a new college i never knew existed. now it's a program what is that oh, i have to get on that. >> i feel the emmys are bigger than the oscars. sorry, did i say that out loud >> i agree. >> that's what everybody has seen, the shows people know about. >> what everybody is watching. >> it's different than the eventized nature of hollywood, as far as feature films, action, heros. >> "chernobyl" is an excellent show >> i'm obsessed with it. i like to relax with a story about nuclear radiation. it's great. >> "game of thrones" will likely
7:46 am
win 90% of nominations. ahead, the jonas grandfathers the stars pulling out the viral faceapp challenge. >> have you tried it >> oh, yeah. >> we'll share our results first, these messages. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? still to come, do you have a hard time sticking to a diet? this morning, the new concerns faced by teens trying to lose weight, and why doctors are raising concerns about a specific group of young people.
7:51 am
also, she's conquered music, conquered comedy. now, awkwafina is taking on a new challenge in hollywood. we're going to talk with her about that and lots more when she joins us live this morning here in studio 1a. first, your local news. when i created knorr selects, i looked for real ingredients for real taste. absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives. knorr selects real ingredients for real taste. so kim, you going
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7:56 am
good wednesday morning. right now at 7:56, we are seeing some clouds drifting across san francisco and the bay. a beautiful start to this morning with temperatures headed into the mid-60s there. in oakland, we'll see a high of 72 degrees, and some low 90s for a few spots in the east bay, but mostly upper 80s for the inland valleys, reaching 83 in san jose. we will be slightly cooler tomorrow with some breezy winds, but then heating it back up for the weekend with mostly sunny skies. we're seeing more steady temperatures in san francisco, with that fog moving by, not as windy today from the coast to the inland areas, and going into early next week, we also see those mid-60s in the forecast. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> kari, we have a slow drive down the east shore freeway, that is a given. we also have a problem getting
7:57 am
to the east shore freeway because of the traffic alert continuing eastbound 580 at harbor ridge. really close because of the deadly crash investigation that continues with the second hour and the third hour as folks are traveling. you'll be forced off the freeway and allowed back on marina parkway. the rest of the bay a smooth drive. slow through oakland. a disabled vehicle around 23rd and 5th respectively. the build 101 slows from here to 280. happening now, mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman is sentenced to life plus 30 years in u.s. prison. the charges are for smuggling drugs into the united states. the aclu is asking a federal judge to block president trump's new asylum rule, the aclu seeking a hearing on that tomorrow in san francisco. the new rule is for refugees to
7:58 am
pass through another country first. we have another local news update in half an hour. have a good morning. time.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, the heat is on. nearly 230 million people across the country bracing for a brutal summer heat wave >> we figure hot weather is going to come. it is smacking us in the face a little bit. >> temperatures expected to be the hottest of the year. how hot will it get? how long will it last? dylan is tracking it all. dieting dilemma. what a surprising new study reveals about teenagers trying to lose weight coming up, why doctors are concerned, and what teens and parents need to know. plus, coming of age.
8:01 am
we'll take a look at the growing old photo craze gone viral the celebrities taking part, and we join in on the fun. today, wednesday, july 17th, 2019 >> happy 91st birthday, grandma. we love you. >> shoutout to madison, texas. ♪ if i can't have you ♪ i can't write one song that's not about you ♪ >> happily married for 45 years. >> good morning to our kids, dalton and braxton. >> today, we're celebrating mom's 66th birthday. >> happy birthday, mom happy crowd out on the plaza we'll get out there in a moment. nice to have you along with us on a wednesday morning >> 'always love having you on the plaza. if you can't make it and you still like to be part of the excitement, pull out that phone and record your own shoutout, post it on instagram, post it on twitter, and use the hashtag at the bottom of your screen, mytodayplaza we'll put you on tv.
8:02 am
a lot of us will be bonded over the hot weather coming up this is the news at 8:00 the country facing a heat wave, extending temperatures into the danger zone. dylan is here with just how hot it is going to be. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. it is going to be dangerous because it is going to last for a long time. we have this dome of high pressure that is just sitting over the eastern half of the country. it is just going to continue to pump in the warm temperatures. i mean, exceptionally warm take a look at the numbers we'll see today, especially through the plains states. it will be 101 in watch that, feeling like 108 p.. valentine, nebraska, feeling like 92. 106 in kansas city memphis will feel like 107 tomorrow, we're going to see that heat continue to push to the east chicago will feel like 102 st. louis, close to 110 degrees. charlotte will feel like 100 baltimore like 101 on friday, more of the same. the heat, humidity, makes it feel like it is well above 100 degrees. detroit, of all places, will feel like it is close to 110 it is going to last through the weekend.
8:03 am
the last time it was 100 degrees in new york city was back in 2012 we are forecasting a feels like temperature of 111 degrees in new york it'll feel like 110 in philadelphia sunday cools off a bit but not by much. it'll still feel like it is well up into the triple digits. stay in the a/c when you can, and you need to stay hydrated. this is dangerous heat craig? >> we'll come back to you in a little bit. president trump declaring victory despite a house vote tuesday night to condemn his attacks on a group of democratic congresswomen. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president praised his party for standing behind him, but this was an extraordinary moment every democrat and a handful of republicans voting to condemn the president, casting his words about those progressive congresswomen as racist. house democrats denouncing president trump. >> without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid on the
8:04 am
table. >> reporter: passing a resolution joined by four republicans and an independent, condemning the president's tweets, attacking those democratic congresswomen of color with a racist trope. arguing they should go back to the crime-infested places from which they came. democrat john lewis evoking his experience in the struggle for civil rights >> i know racism when i see it i know racism when i feel it at the highest level of government, there's no room for racism >> reporter: president trump insisting his tweets were not racist, writing, i don't have a racist bone in my body one of the lawmakers he targeted, alexandria ocasio-cortez, firing back, you're right, mr. president, you don't have a racist bone in your body you have a racist mind in your head and a racist heart in your chest. the president for a third straight day amplifying his attack on those progressive congresswomen known as the squad.
8:05 am
questioning their patriotism >> wherever they want or they can stay, but they should love our country. they shouldn't hate our country. you look at what they've said. i have clips right here. the most vile, horribl statements about our country, about israel, about others >> reporter: the president's top aide, kellyanne conway, also making headlines for this exchange with reporter andrew feinberg outside the white house. >> if the president was not telling these four congresswomen to return to their supposed countries of origin, to which countries was he referring >> what's your ethnicity >> why is that relevant? >> no, no, because i'm asking you a question my ancestors are from ireland and italy. >> my ethnicity is not relevant. >> it is because you're asking about -- he said originally he said originally from. >> reporter: conway tweeting later in the day, this was meant with no disrespect we're all from somewhere else originally i asked the question to answer
8:06 am
the question and volunteer my own ethnicity. president trump is diving head first into this fight ahead of the 2020 campaign before he knows who he will face next year the president is trying to define the democratic party by those four liberal minority freshmen congresswomen, a strategy that his allies, craig, believe will help energize his base tonight, the president will head to north carolina for a campaign rally. it is likely this topic comes up again. >> thank you. singer r. kelly was denied bail after pleading not guilty to federal sex crime charges in chicago. 52-year-old singer was arrested last week on sweeping indictments unsealed in chicago and new york he's yet to face the new york judge. prosecutors say kelly sexually exploited young women and girls, going back to the late '90s. he is also accused of using bribery and intimidation to lence victims and witnesses. he is already fighting state sexual abuse charges in
8:07 am
illinois the president of planned parenthood was abruptly removed after eight months in the job. dr. lee anna wynn said she and the planned parenthood board had philosophical differences over the direction the organization should take dr. winn disagreed with what she described as the board's increased focus on the abortion rights advocacy. she maintains the best way to build support for abortion care is that it is a health care issue, not a political one a dramatic plunge was caught on camera. a woman was pulling out of a car wash when she hit the gas instead of the brakes. her suv barreled into the hackensack river a witness jumped into the water, pulled the driver out, and her uninjured passenger, then first responders arrived. 8:07 now that's the news. how about a boost? >> an oregon man thought his best friend, living in australia, wouldn't be able to attend his wedding he was surprised when he was brought to the spot where a giant gift box was waiting
8:08 am
>> this is all for you. >> this is a person. it's got to be a person. oh, i knew it! no way no way! that's no way you're kidding, bro. that's insane. >> i mean, the man bear hug. i love it. >> the best friend jump, too. >> yeah, so cute so happy that his friend is there. that's a gift not on the registry. >> his bride-to-be is like, what am i getting into? i'm marrying both of them? lots more to get to, including what some say is a troubling trend. why more teens are dieting than ever before. have you tried the app that has taken social media by storm in my brother sent me this yesterday. we'll show you our results just ahead. spoiler alert, they're scary first, these messages. wow, look at that. you got this. you got this.
8:09 am
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your she shed was struck by lightning. is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. that's wonderful news. home insurance trusted by more people than any other. state farm. we are back with today's talker and news that could affect your family. >> a new study out this morning
8:13 am
shows more than a third of all teenagers in this country have tried to lose weight in the last year, a significant increase from years past. >> reporter: the study looked at teenagers from 16 to 19 and found nearly 38% of them tried to lose weight, including a stunning 45% of girls that age while the amount of white and black teenagers who said they're looking to lose weight is roughly the same, the numbers were particularly high among hispanic teens, with 55% of hispanic adolescent girls trying to lose weight, and nearly 47% of hispanic boys the numbers are a dramatic jump from ten years ago, when just about a quarter of teenagers were trying to lose weight >> with us now to dive into the numbers, medical correspondent dr. john torres. when i saw teens looking to lose weight in higher numbers, i can't say i was terribly surprised given our culture and the emphasis on physical appearance what did you make of the number? >> that's exactly what's going on 25% five years ago and now 40%, and some groups it's higher than that you're seeing a huge social
8:14 am
media influence. you see the pictures, some air brushed, some are perfect angles and perfect lighting people want to look like that, especially teenagers a couple concerns. one is the way they're going about doing it some is traditional. trying to exercise more, eat less some are not traditional they're trying to drink a lot more water, which can cause health implications itself two, the focus on weight instead of wellness. that's what's getting experts concerned. >> if a teenager in your house is trying to lose weight, and you're a parent, what would you tell him or her to do? what is the best way to go about doing that >> first and foremost, you can use this as a launch platform and say, i heard about this study, are you trying to lose weight if they are, why are you trying to be healthy, which is great, but if it is to look like everyone else on social media, that's a concern adolescents are the biggest group for eating disorders throughout life, it can cause a lot of issues. when you sit down as parents, become role models if you're eating bad food and huge amounts of food and not
8:15 am
exercising, telling your teenager not to do that, they'll do what you do. >> or if you're on a crazy fad diet all the time, same thing. >> exactly learn together get expert help if you need to lose weight as a family. >> what'd you mean i'm sorry, when you read in the study about teens drinking water to lose weight, i thought, isn't that -- drinking water is good for a diet, isn't it >> it is to a certain extent if you have too much water, you can have problems with electrolytes and chemicals in your body. sometimes they go overboard. some said, i drink a lot of water to lose weight if they drink too much, it can cause health problems. a little water, stay hydrated. shouldn't be the primary focus overall health should be the primary focus. >> on the screen there, some of the most reported ways to lose weight, what we were just talking about. dr. torres, always good to have you. >> thank you. we should all be drinking water today because it is so hot out there. >> you need to you have to stay hydrated because it is brutally hot we are going to see the heat, the humidity combine with a couple of cold fronts, and
8:16 am
that's going to lead to the chance of some strong storms today. especially across the northeast later this afternoon and into this evening, and also across the upper midwest. with hail, damaging winds. we could also see torrential downpours producing rainfall at rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. elsewhere, it is all about the heat temperatures will feel well above 105 degrees all through we're seeing a lot of sunshine over the south bay right now, and starting out nice and cool, we are going to warm up into the low 80s today in san jose while the tri-valley tops out at 86 degrees. it will be up to 90 today and upper 80s in much of the north bay. ukiah reaching 91. meantime, it will stay cool and breezy in san francisco with a high of 66 degrees. for the inland areas, it cools down just slightly the next couple days and runs back up to the upper 80s in time for the weekend.
8:17 am
the gang is all here only one thing to do now. >> pop start. >> let's do it, everybody. everybody seems to be talking about this there is a new app gone viral. stars are getting in on the action we're getting in on the action 80 million people are on this app right now. it is faceapp. the app has a feature -- it can do a bunch of things one of the things people seem to have fun with is it makes you look older, like a lot older, should you go down that path here's celebrities having fun with the app you see the jonas brothers there. >> they're handsome. >> carrie underwood and her husband, mike fisher, they looked amazing how about lbj? >> he'll age well. >> chip and joanna gaines got in on the craze amazing, too we thought we'd give it a go ourselves. >> of course. >> let's go around the table jenna, we'll start with you. ready for your faceapp >> oh, gosh. >> amazing. >> i thought it was a current picture, you looked so good. >> there's something about the
8:18 am
nose that really just -- >> it is the same nose you have. >> it is >> yes you look great. >> your hair looks fantastic >> savannah. >> i don't think so, but thanks. >> wait, did they make your teeth yellow >> it looks like bad botox. >> how about mr. melvin? >> they aged your teeth. >> craig >> oh. >> handsome as ever. >> you still have hair. >> i love how you comb the hair back now. >> i lost it it's gone. >> you look like your dad? >> a little bit. >> a chia pet. >> you look good, too. >> i wish they'd tell you how old you are in the pictures. that would be nice. >> oh, oh. >> plus 30. >> what about dylly? >> i kind of look like my grandmother. >> dylan, we look like we could live in a community together. >> oh, gosh. >> i have a question. >> i like that one. >> you look cute.
8:19 am
>> what happened to me am i storing nuts for the winter in that? >> start propecia right away >> who here has tried the app before we just did it? >> i don't have the app. >> my brother sent it to me yesterday. he did my face >> everybody is doing it. >> carson and i went for babies. that was so much more fun. >> i know. >> he looked like jack, and i look like mila. >> let's do it younger >> yeah. >> take a look at the younger ones savannah, here's you at a younger age. >> yeah. >> you look like a teenager. >> we can do that again. >> another of savannah >> no. >> savannah at a younger age >> little vale. >> that's cute >> those are good. >> i like that one, savannah. >> i do, too >> you were a teen. >> oh, wow >> that's so cute. >> that looks a lot like you. >> that is you
8:20 am
>> exactly like you. >> awe >> that's adorable. >> we'll never be this young again. >> fresh face. >> look at this, carson. >> might be the same >> wow >> trl days. >> we all know that face. >> those are our better selves. >> it is fun the app is crazy you can do gender swap, smiles, haircut. >> i did the gender swap, and i look exactly like my brother. >> really? >> it is creepy. >> i feel this app has been around, the aging one. this one, in particular, the a.i. they use is incredible. >> how does it go viral in one day, it's everywhere. >> it looks so realistic. >> i guess so. other news, a lot of talk about the live action remake of "the little mermaid. it was announced halle bailey will be the little mermaid harry styles is in talks to play prince eric. in the original animated feature, prince eric doesn't
8:21 am
sing at all. maybe if harry is cast, maybe he'll sing and there will be new music added to the film. we're not sure we have to wait to find out. production isn't set to begin until next year. finally, craig melvin. >> oh. >> you are featured in the august/september issue of "garden and gun. >> nice. >> you talk a lot about growing up in the south and how it shaped you as a person one of my favorite -- >> have you ever fished? >> oh, yeah. you don't know me. >> part of the article, craig, where you explain about how you'd spend hours at church on sundays, but your dad wasn't there. why? >> well, he didn't -- me and my brother and mom would go on sundays, and dad would stay home at a certain age, i asked, why didn't dad ever come, except for weddings and funerals maybe. i remember him saying something along the lines of, i spend five hours at a church on sunday, i expect to see jesus. we never actually saw jesus on a sunday i was like, okay >> who is the fool now >> there you go. >> it is a great read. congratulations. >> i love that picture. >> central park. out on news stands now >> that's cool >> i love it.
8:22 am
do we have a click or no click? >> i have time for -- >> wait, you know what, i have one. >> i do, too. >> you go first. >> okay. this is a dyly click. >> this is a video i can't stop watching take a look. >> there's a video >> aw. >> i can't >> who is that? is that a baby? >> it's a baby. it's my baby. >> maybe just one. >> my i can't. >> who is that is that a baby >> it's a baby it's my baby >> maybe just one. >> my babies >> yay >> one baby. >> that was your son, calvin, in the video, in case people don't
8:23 am
know >> calvin wants five babies, five of everything it is one baby >> dyly. >> we're all crying. >> i'm sorry we are so happy for you, dylan. >> thank you. >> this is -- it's awesome. >> it's been an emotional journey. you know, i opened up about my infertility and my secondary infertility, just surgeries i've had to have. the day i was going to start my ivf, i had all of my medicines i brought it down to the kentucky derby with me the doctor calls and said, don't take anything. you're pregnant. >> wow >> i just want to thank everybody for the prayers because i swear the prayers and just putting my story out there got me to where i am >> what does calvin think? >> calvin is so excited, yeah. last night at dinner, he's like, can i kiss the baby? it is the sweetest thing i don't think he really understands exactly what baby is and how much it will change his life. >> oh, yeah. >> congratulations you and brian, god bless you both. >> when will we meet this -- >> in january. >> oh, a new year's baby. >> hold on we have a picture of dylan eight months pregnant. let's put that up. >> incredible. >> that app is incredible. >> do we know the gender yet >> we do we have special guests who will
8:24 am
reveal that in the third hour. >> we'll find out today. >> we're going to find out today. >> yes, i don't think we can wait. >> no. just wait another 37 minutes >> we can do that. >> yeah. >> it is so wonderful, dylan i mean, you have the most adorable family. >> thank you. >> i know how much you guys have been wanting and hoping for this baby this baby is going to be right on time, and we can't wait to meet him or her. >> i'm just so happy now i've been keeping it secret for so long. you know when you're in the first three months, trying to keep the secret and not tell anyone, though you threw the 40th birthday party and i was drinking water with olives in it. >> i remember thinking, my god, dylan is drinking a lot. man. >> no, that was you drinking a lot.
8:25 am
>> always other women know when a woman is pregnant. they can tell. >> they can tell. >> something is going on, must be pregnant. >> it's been the worst kept secret on twitter. thank you for asking if i was pregnant yes, it turns out, i am. >> my mom texted me. she was like, is dylan pregnant? i'm like, mom! >> the stories of this show, and those of us on it, the developments of our families and personal lives is remarkable you getting married. after that announcement, announcing vale and the char-char binxs. hoda with the adoption. >> you work on the show long enough, babies come. >> there's all different paths to happiness and family. >> the blessing is there are so many women dealing with infertility, secondary infertility, and i've been with you on the journey, in the dressing room you've been crying or trying to figure out what is going on you give so many people hope. >> god has a plan, and this was in the cards for me. i'm so excited. >> we can't wait to meet the baby. >> i know. >> we're going to find out at the top of the next hour we're going to find out if it is a boy or girl. >> gender reveal. >> special guests.
8:26 am
>> i think people will find the journey inspiring. the latest issue of "people" magazine pick up the issue when it hits newsstands. >> sheinelle, what do you think it is in >> i know. >> girl. >> i'll say girl. >> i'm going to say girl. >> i'll say boy. good morning, everyone. it's 8:26. i'm scott mcgrew. we have developing news on 580 in richmond. a woman was struck and killed on the freeway about 5:30 this morning. this was video on a very foggy day of backup we got two hours ago. we finally learned the lanes are back open. >> the lanes are back open, so that's better news. an easier way off the bridge to the harbor which was closed for about a half hour. that pedestrian located on the freeway, scott, we got the report she was hit on the fast lane. that means she crossed over the
8:27 am
other lanes to get there. i'll let the investigators do their work but that was curious to me. east shore freeway remaining as folks merge onto the golden gate bridge. the rest of the bay is a nice drive but recovery from an earlier crash in oakland leaves things slow on 238. also southbound on 238, a crash toward 580 also. the san mateo bridge recovers from a slow-moving vehicle getting moved off to foster city. back to you. we'll have more local news coming up in a half hour and of course at 11:00, and any time at and on our twitter feed. have a wonderful wednesday. - hey, mike.
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we're back now it is 8:30 on a wednesday morning. july 17th, 2019. the heat, the dangerous heat headed our way, not stopping these fine folks from joining us here on the plaza. it's a nice crowd. you guys feeling good? i've got the crowd moment this morning. i'm looking for beth oh, wow, that was convenient beth is right here you just heard dylan's big news. >> i went through that about 25 years ago. it's a hard road to do >> it is. >> it really is. >> it is. >> i prayed for you every single day.
8:31 am
>> oh, thank you. >> i guessed it. >> thank you. >> i guess, she is and beth is a good name for a girl. >> i'll keep that in mind. >> where are you from, beth? >> illinois. years ago, i did the same thing. i have a picture of him with savannah >> that's so cool. >> beth, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming by. >> thank you. >> inspirational. >> doesn't it feel good? >> i've been sucking it in for a long time, not well. >> we're happy for you. awkwafina is here. she's incredible, an actress, rapper, comic, and she's taking a turn in her career >> shoutout to my man behind me, holding a sign saying, carson, go raiders. >> oakland raiders fan. >> long sufferer. >> appreciate it. also, if you love books and food, we'll give you the best reads and eats for your trip to the beach this summer. >> i like that. on the third hour of "today," actor jesse eisenberg is going to fill us in on this
8:32 am
dark, new comedy he's in. are your kids glued to their smartphones and tablets? we'll get tips from a coach you can hire to cut back on the screen time. >> i like that. let's get a check of the weather. >> very, very sticky out here. >> i like it. >> i don't. >> the heat is on, and we're going to see the chance for thunderstorms later on today, especially the late afternoon and evening, through the upper midwest and also in the northeast. the heat wave extends from the middle of the country all the way to the east. it is going to feel like it is well above 100 degrees more of the same tomorrow. we'll start off the day in the northeast with some storms, then we'll see increasing sunshine. unsettled in the southeast, and the heat will continue throu good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san francisco. a little bit foggy in spots but also mostly clear over the city, and we'll see that fog over the coast today with high temperatures reaching into the
8:33 am
mid-60s. as you make your way inland it gets hotter in oakland at 73 and 92 in antioch. our temperatures cool just slightly tomorrow as well as friday, but then come back up in the inland areas into the upper 80s. meanwhile san francisco stays in the 60s with at times clouds and fog. chicago, where young people are working to make sense of the city's gun violence and save lives in the process first, this is "today" on nbc. t.
8:34 am
8:35 am
we are back at 8:35. we have a story that's going to be eye opening. >> the city of chicago plagued by gun violence. at least seven people were killed, seven others wounded in shootings there. its's violence that can leave
8:36 am
people hopeless. now some young people are taking initiative, not waiting to be saved, but learning how to save each other >> reporter: these city streets are some of the toughest in the nation. >> a couple was sitting in their car when both were shot and wounded. >> not far from behind me. >> the bloodshed hard to escape in neighborhoods like englewood, where the murals are pleas for peace. what happens here in the moments after someone is shot? >> how long do you think it takes for you to bleed out >> reporter: a new program is working to turn kids into first responders >> somebody has to stay calm in a situation, while everybody is going to be discombobulated. >> reporter: he is old enough to have seen gun violence. >> i have lost friends, i lost family particularly close to here my grandmother has been th victim of gun violence, a block from here.
8:37 am
>> reporter: your grandmother? >> two separate occasions. >> reporter: he founded the group good kids, mad city, in the wake of a deadly school shooting in parkland, florida. >> whenever these type of things happen in the white communities, we get the raw end of the deal we have more police officers on the streets harassing us we get more police inside our schools. we get stricter gun laws we don't get any of the things we think would help us succeed and address the issue of violence in our communities. >> reporter: those issues, economic and social, are important to pitman. >> now, what do you do >> reporter: giving kids the tools to save lives is more immediate. >> nephew just got hit. >> reporter: he gathers a group of young people, some as young as 12, in a spare room in his local church, for first aid on gunshot wounds they try to have a professional teach the class. when they can't, pitman takes over, teaching what he learned.
8:38 am
>> takes an ambulance 30 minutes and takes you 7 minutes to bleed out. i'm not a mathematician, but the math doesn't add up. >> reporter: walker has been to the classes before her son, del monte, was part of the program. >> del monte was in the 8600 block of south euclid when a tan vehicle drove by and police say someone fired shots. >> reporter: he was gunned down last september tell me about your son. >> he was a good kid, respectful kid, liked to help in the neighborhood. >> reporter: what happened to him? >> they shot my baby in the chest. >> reporter: del monte would have been 20 last month. his mom still comes to the classes because she has more sons 17 and just 14 >> what's your name? >> reporter: these boys who buried their brother last fall now role play what it is like to be shot, what it is like to try to save someone. >> if it were to happen, you feel like you might be able to be of some help.
8:39 am
>> reporter: you know what people outside chicago say about the violence here, especially as it pertains to black and brown boys the gangs, gang violence. >> yeah. >> reporter: nothing we can do about all the gang violence. >> yeah, that's the first thing they try to put a spotlight on, the bystanders it's the innocent bystanders that get killed. everybody is not a gang member. >> sad to say, it is a life skill and it can be life or death. >> reporter: it shouldn't be a life skill. >> not at all. >> reporter: not for 14 and 15-year-olds. >> not at all. it shouldn't be a life skill, but it's the climate of the communities that we live in. >> reporter: a skill that, on these streets, could save the life of a stranger, a friend, your own brother >> he told me he never realized how bad the violence was until he saw his young son was decent desensitized to it that was the moment he realized he needed to do something, not just for his community, the south end of chicago, but his
8:40 am
own kids. >> that story is important i'm so glad you are telling it number one, it is important to see if someone who is just trying to help his community, but also it is extremely eye-opening, to say that this is the solution. >> mm-hmm. >> it is not about gun violence. it is so you can help treat gunshots better. that ireallyyou know, eye-opening fact of life. >> thank you it is also, you know -- what is happening in chicago and what has happened in chicago for the past number of years, you know, pertaining to gun violence, it is not acceptable. we've become completely decentized to dozens of people being shot and killed in a metropolitan city. >> dozens of kids. >> yes. >> by the way, for a deeper look at good kids, mad city, we encourage you to go to >> thank you, craig. >> thank you. >> really. when we come back, we're going to shift gears and catch up with one of the hottest young stars in hollywood, awkwafina. first, this is "today" on nbc. hg stars in hollywood,
8:41 am
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression.
8:42 am
like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
8:43 am
welcome back awkwafina went from rapper to actor when she took on comedic roles in blockbuster films like "oceans 8" and "crazy rich asians." for her next role, she's taking a dramatic turn in the critically acclaimed movie "the farewetherewel farewell." it is about a grandmother who has weeks to live, and the decision not to tell grandma herself. >> i don't understand. she doesn't have a lot of time left she should know, right >> there's nothing they can do everyone decided it is better not to tell her. >> why is that better? >> chinese people have a saying. when people get cancer, they die. it is not the cancer that kills them, it's the fear. >> awkwafina, good morning. >> good morning. >> in a lot of ways, this is a heavy topic, although the way it is treated, it certainly has a lot of humor and a lot of heart. >> yeah.
8:44 am
>> i was not aware of this tradition in chinese culture, that sometimes if an elderly member of the family is facing a diagnosis like cancer, nobody tells? >> nobody tells. that's per the doctor's instructions a lot of the time i didn't know about it either. >> yeah. >> when i read the script, i was like, what you know, i think it really took going over there to understand where that reasoning comes from. i can say that after filming the movie, i'm not in the dark about it i understand it. >> i guess the notion is a lot of people feel like the minute you hear that word, you hear the news, that's when you really start to feel sick. >> yeah. it's the saying, what you don't know won't kill you. >> well, this role seems to be made for you in so many ways there is the young girl who is -- has chinese culture. obviously, that's her background also is raised american. it is kind of navigating these two worlds.
8:45 am
>> yeah. >> it centers around a beloved grandma. of course, you're very close to your grandma. >> yes, i'm very, very close to my grandma i think that everyone kind of is familiar with that love. we knew this was a very specific story. it centers around a very specific kind of a family and culture. everyone knows what it is like to experience loss everyone knows what it is like to have a grandma and love their grandma. >> you had to brush up on your mandarin, as i understand it. >> yes. >> you weren't starting completely from scratch, but you had a lot to learn. >> i had a lot to learn. i pretty much heard chinese yelled around me as a kid. i never spoke it yeah, i learned it i'm not the most secure about it but, you know -- >> what does your grandma say? >> she was like, eh. >> high praise. >> yeah. >> your father wrote the cutest text message you posted about this movie hi, the movie is still on my mind
8:46 am
you did a great job. lucy says the same thing i'm so proud of you. imagine seeing a movie with people laughing and crying, and it's my daughter up there. that must have meant so much to you. >> it did. it did i was like, dad, you text? that was fun >> your dad has been on the whole journey of awkwafina. >> yes. >> i'm not going to say what it is, but the rap video that brought you to stardom, your dad was not sure this was the proper role for his little girl. >> he was not sure it wasn't until it went viral that he became my tour manager i'm like, dad, i don't need you, you know you're sending me -- i'm taking three flights from new york to philadelphia forget it. he is very supportive now, yeah. >> did you have any trepidation about taking on a dramatic role? it isn't a comedy role. >> yeah. >> you had to kind of take off all that funny, crazy, awkwafina persona we all know and love >> take off the wig. >> yeah. >> i knew i connected with the
8:47 am
material that's the one thing that i knew i knew i connected with the journey that billie makes from america to china i connected to the grandma aspect of it, and i felt her pain i could feel that. i didn't know if i could really -- i didn't know, you know, actor wise, if that would come across. it took going to china, understanding the weight of the material, and knowing that that's how real it is. >> you pull it off you're such a superstar. >> thank you. >> i remember we met when you were doing -- >> i was so nervous to meet you. >> i was nervous i was sitting there, and i was so impressed with you. we were with all of the stars of "oceans 8. sandra bullock, rihanna. they're all there. awkwafina, you held your own that was your first breakout role, and there you were, like you were owning the place. i was impressed by you. >> that's awesome. thank you. >> now, are you used to it you're like, i'm kind of a big deal >> no, i'm not right now, i'm a huge savannah
8:48 am
guthrie fan. i'm happy to be here. >> i feel the same for you i'm happy for you. >> thank you. >> when people see how you stretch, they think they know what you can do, but you're just getting started. >> thank you. >> the movie is called "the farewell." it is in select theaters now and will go wide in a few weeks. august 2 we'll see you in the fourth hour >> thank you we're getting ready to share. we have book and food pairings that are perfect for the beach this summer. we'll be right back with all the great selections first, this is "today" on nbc. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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never miss it. what is a book club without food and drink? >> here with the three favorite book club picks and menus to match with the books this summer, we have isaac fitzgerald and chef and entertainment expert alejandro romos we have the book, nourishes the soul. >> what is the first pick? >> this is a wonderful profile writer non-fiction. "fleishman is in trouble." it is a debut novel. he is in trouble because ex-wife rachel dropped off the kids and disappeared. he is juggling new dating apps, being single, having a wonderful life, and now he has to figure out what happened to rachel. >> one of my favorite writers. i can't wait i love the menu. city was just as important a character in the book.
8:52 am
it is a jewish family, a lot of the characters are i wanted to do a classic new york jewish deli breakfast. >> yum. >> we have our bagel spread. we have some herring all the different smears, little salty, a little sweet. we have applesauce and sour cream. broiled grapefruit toby in the book is constantly on a diet. everyone else will order a big breakfast or lunch, and he orders half a grapefruit. >> that's a nod. >> nod to that we have hala french toast. who doesn't love that if you want something sweet and, my favorite, the amazing cookie platter >> i love the black and white. >> rainbow cookies and the endless pot of coffee. >> let's move it to my dressing room. >> absolutely. what's the next book >> "the nickel boys. this is from colton whitehead. his last book "the underground railroad" was so good. "the nickel boys" raises the bar. writing is eloquent, terse, and
8:53 am
tells an incredible story of this boy, elwood, who is growing up in jim crow era florida he makes one mistake, a mistake that's not his fault all of a sudden, he finds himself at nickel academy, which is on the outside, a not bad looking place, but on the inside, a very horrible place that really tests his philosophies on life he makes a friendship with a boy, turner, and they basically navigate it together it is a heart-wrenching book it is a difficult book as so many of colton whitehead's books are, it is based in reality, based in the history and atrocities of america, and it is just as pertinent to today as it was in the 1960s. >> important read. how do you pair food with that era of florida >> this was a tricky one for me. it is a painful, difficult story. even like in real life, in the most painful moments, food can be the moment of joy there are little bits of that here and there in the book they're working in the hot sun, and the woman brings them cold lemonade it takes place in the south, in the '60s i went for a little bit of a southern summer kind of picnic
8:54 am
this is a little potato salad. we have a chicken salad sandwich wrapped them up with parchment, like if you brought them out in the picnic basket. fresh berries. these are peaches and cream shortcakes the recipe is on the site. fresh whipped cream. some beautiful fruit our lemonade, of course. wildflowers. it gives us the fun summery feel. >> so pretty. >> here's a fun thing i wanted to add. >> great touch. >> in the book, elwood starts working in kind of a penny candy store, kind of a store, where they have penny candy. the kids are sneaking in to steal it it is a plot play in the book. i wanted to add the element. >> relive that moment. >> bit-o-honey. >> carson is stealing my candy fill up the jars with retro candy. i love bringing the moments to life. >> ending in puerto rico
8:55 am
>> "with the fire on high" which is an incredible title this is a story about a teenager who is a mother. you know, it really turns the ncept its head. this is a joyful book. it is about a woman who is growing up, and she dreams of being a chef she's juggling having a 3-year-old daughter, juggling school, juggling being there for her grandmother. it is a wonderful story. you think it might be heavy, but it is actually light it is joyful. >> so gorgeous. >> food runs throughout it i know this was dear to your heart. >> this book is close to my heart. it is a puerto rican teen who dreams of working with food, which was me 15, 20 years ago. it was incredible reading that story. again, the fact it had a lot of joy. i brought up some of my favorite puerto rican dishes. i see craig. come on. this here is -- >> everybody is getting in on the food. >> puerto rican pork, what we have at every celebration. we have it at christmas, celebration, any time there is a party. amazing, easy marinade
8:56 am
marinade it overnight, roast it for eight hours. super fresh avocado salad. simple, avocados, onions, lime on top let the ingredients do the work. this here i'm so excited about this is called tembleque the word means to shake. it is a vegan coconut pudding made with coconut milk delicious. i love for people to be able to taste it and try it. >> the recipe is thank you, isaac and alejandro. >> read the books. >> who wants a pina colada third hour, we find out is dylan's baby a boy or a girl good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. the eastbound 580 is reopened after a pedestrian was killed on the freeway. happening now, a possible shooting investigation in richmond at 18th and chancellor.
8:57 am
we have new video of that as well. several police officers were on the scene, shell casings were on the ground. we're talking to richmond police to find out more information. we'll tell you more in our 11:00 news. the aclu seeking a hearing tomorrow in san francisco. the united states denying asylum if they don't get it passed in another country first. it's tom's pass through town before announcing his bid for mayor.
8:58 am
dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit teaming up off the course. >> the new foundation to help launch the next generatiogenera. plus a woman is stuck with a hefty credit card charge.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> wow. >> good morning. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle, and we have the whole gang here this morning. >> is this everyone? this is so fun. >> congratulations. >> all for you. >> thank you. >> it is like thanksgiving. >> i know you want to leave the second 9:00 gets here, so thanks r staying. . >> looking for a good reason to stay. this is the best reason. >> well, thank you. >> here's the deal, every once and a while, of course, it is okay, take a break from the news and celebrate something that's really great, when something happens with our "today" show family. this morning is a celebration. >> big celebration. >> if you missed it earlier this


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